Sales Coaching Programs

Three types of support:

      1. Behind the curtain – we coach your leadership

      2. We start the process, establish standards, turn it over to you to implement – this typically includes a launch seminar

      3. We take responsibility for the change process

Train up and maintain your sales strength with specialty sales programs based on the Urgency Based Selling® system.  These programs work well independently or as part of a custom-designed program of solutions.

Bold Behavior Coaching

A major reason salespeople fail at business development is: they aren’t bold enough. They don’t embrace conflict and they fail to:

1) Defend  your price
2) Ask about competition
3) Escalate, when necessary, to higher decision-makers 
4) Securing warm introductions and testimonials?

We can help you coach your sales team to bolder behavior.

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9 Week Jump-start

Often requested by clients, the Urgency Based Selling® 9 Week Jumpstart features key components of the full Urgency Based Selling® program.

We meet with your team for up to one full day per week for eight weeks. During that time, your sales team will experience the transformative concepts and skills to achieve sales excellence, including:

  • Bold behavior
  • Bold vision
  • Selling effort
  • The “do or die” ethos

Each day begins with a one-hour team seminar, followed by one-to-one sessions with each sales team member and the team manager. Each week, the ideas presented are reinforced with a business development assignment each team member must complete.

You will see immediate changes in attitude, effort and results.

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The Secrets of Urgency Based Selling – 7 sessions

The Battle Plan program

Business Development is usually a 3-12 month project.

As a society, we are poor long term project managers.

When you combine a long term project with poor project management, you get a train wreck. And very few new customers.

A strong solution is: the battle plan. To see the 50 seconds video, please click here to learn more. 

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One Day Sales Improvement Program

What would happen to your business if every sales call was more effective?

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The Testimonial Letters Program

Is there a way to reinforce the learning mindset and transform team members with a fixed mindset in advance of a sales training and development program? When a company hasn’t emphasized securing proper testimonials, the testimonial project can accomplish this goal.

Article in Training Industry: 

Priming sales teams for training and development – the testimonial project

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Seminar for Professional Partners – A Powerful Sales Diagnostic

Share valuable sales expertise with clients and prospects. Ask great diagnostic questions.

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The Standard Sales Call

The Step by Step process to warm of up the prospect, learn their urgent needs, determine if you “have a fit”, then demonstrate the fit to the prospect and close the sale. To learn more, please click here.

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The Book of Selling Knowledge

Imagine having all essential selling knowledge, tools and process in one place – as a both an instructional guide and a brainstorming book – to help sales team members when they are stuck. For more info, please click here.

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A Sales Program Millennials Can Love

Purpose  – The Heroic Salesperson

Participation – an open system, inviting improvement

Mentoring – one to one coaching to brainstorm, share wisdom

Education – practical knowledge; selling which works

Team Building – developing mutual respect, camaraderie and learning

Social Media – capitalizes on social media skills

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When the prospect goes “radio silent”

What do you do when the prospect says “I’m good” or goes “radio silent”.

In this interactive seminar, we share selling techniques which work – opening doors, re-engaging the radio silent prospect.

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Annual Sales Checkup

Don’t let sales flat-line!  Ensure the health of your company with an Annual Sales Checkup.

Ask yourself:

Sales Management

Is sales management:

  • Rigorous enough?
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  • Profit oriented, evaluating, and managing the business case?
  • Establishing and managing by a standard selling product, a standard sales call?
  • Scheduling effective one-to-one coaching with salespeople, with enough frequency?
  • Hiring effectively?
  • Teaching sales as project management?

Sales Team

Are sales team members:

  • Selling with bold vision, bold behavior?
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  • Business sellers (vs. social sellers)?
  • Committed to Do or Die (vs. best efforts)?
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  • Aligned with the company’s risk tolerance?
  • Opening enough new accounts?
  • Securing enough prospect introductions and customer testimonials?
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  • Following the company selling process, using the selling tools, and documenting in CRM?

Top Management

Is top management supporting:

  • Sales management, with coaching in strong one-to-ones?
  • The selling culture?
  • Selling tools development, including developing and evolving the Proving Kit?
  • Design of a proper selling system?
  • Documentation of the selling process, and incorporating it into your company’s Book of Business?
  • A plan for closing any material gaps?