Urgency Based Selling® Fundamental Concepts

Every Urgency Based Selling® program and service embodies five fundamental concepts.  This pyramid of integral ideas also serves as your foundation — a consistent reference point — to support your sales organization through the change process as you implement Urgency Based Selling®.

Explore these essential sales concepts. Then learn more about how your sales team can utilize them as part of a customized Urgency Based Selling® program, to achieve epic results.

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Exceptional business development sales results come only from a rigorous, entrepreneurial sales management approach.  The entrepreneurial sales manager coaches salespeople to changed behavior, understands the change process, and supports salespeople through change.  With a focus on profitability, leadership, and motivation, learn how to transform your sales team into top-performing sales heroes.

Sales managers gain an entrepreneurial mindset with Urgency Based Selling® sales management training.  This new mindset transforms your company’s sales culture with a bold vision for the sales process and bold leadership behavior.  This inspires your sales team to define their own paths to success and sell with powerful confidence.

Evolve your sales team.  Achieve exponential sales growth.  Become an entrepreneurial sales manager with Urgency Based Selling®.

Salespeople are typically most comfortable selling to prospects using a social mindset — that is, developing sales relationships based on how they act with family and friends.  Cordial, friendly, and focused on gaining acceptance.  That approach, though, doesn’t close the deal; it creates social relationships, when we need business relationships.  Successful salespeople operate within a business mindset; it’s a goal-oriented, “do-or-die” mentality which generates urgency in prospects and results in sales for your company.  When it isn’t a one-call close, we measure the strength of the sales call by the strength of the PIK (payment in kind).  What behavior does the prospect demonstrate to show they are serious about our opportunity?  We watch what the prospect does, versus what the prospect says.  Are they a participant or a spectator in the process?

Establish the right kind of sales relationships, those that are strong and controlled by your salespeople. Ensure your prospects are serious about and committed to buying. Urgency Based Selling® sales training changes the way your sales team thinks about selling — and secures sales success.

Revolutionize the mindset of every member of your sales team with Urgency Based Selling®.

The process practiced by your sales team probably includes thee fatal flaws, which slow down — or even prevent — sales.  There are three parts to the selling process:

  • warming up the prospect.
  • so they answer our consultative questions.
  • which allows us to determine if we have a fit (and prove this is so).

In taking the prospect through these segments, we resolve the 3 Fatal Flaws.

Using an engaging and motivational approach, Urgency Based Selling® teaches your sales force a new way to sell, and changes the way they see themselves — and the sales process.  This paradigm shift transforms your sales team — and the results they achieve.

The Urgency Based Selling® system was designed to create a sense of urgency to close the sale. It’s an action-oriented process which generates sales results that motivate your team – and sends your sales numbers soaring.

Start today! Transform your sales people into sales heroes.  Experience the difference of Urgency Based Selling®.

Your salespeople are heroes, they go into harm’s way.  They need body armor – bold visions with visual metaphor, backed up by a powerful proving kit.  They depend on you to supply this armor.  With the proper selling tools, your team will engage your prospects in a serious, committed conversation about why they should buy from you. Show them why your product or service is an urgent priority which will improve their well-being, make their lives easier.

Help your prospects trust your company, overcome their natural risk aversion, and feel confident in their decision.  How?  Strategically offer information and interactions which convince prospects your business delivers exactly what they need, when they need it.

Urgency Based Selling® programs and services give your sales team the tools — the materials and strategies — to develop relationships quickly with prospects, create trust, and overcome obstacles which may slow the sales process.

Develop efficient and effective selling tools with Urgency Based Selling®.

Success does not come from “doing your best.”  For your sales team, best efforts mean failure.  Developing the opportunity and closing the sale is a moment of do-or-die. Your salesperson must make the deal now or the sale is gone forever – time kills deals.

Urgency Based Selling® addresses the underlying inhibitions and detrimental behaviors which prevent sales success, and replaces them with bold new values and behaviors, which generate outstanding sales results.

Learn more about Urgency Based Selling®, a different approach to sales training and changed behavior.  Develop a go-getter, entrepreneurial mindset within your sales people and realize epic sales in record time.

Provide these fundamental concepts of Urgency Based Selling® to your team. Realize extraordinary sales outcomes.

  • Business Values: Do-or-Die vs. Best Efforts
  • Selling Tools
  • Selling Process
  • Relationships
  • Sales Management & Succession Planning

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