As a society, we aren’t great planners. B2B business development can typically take up to 3-12 months or more. Very often our planning focus is on the next week or so. This is a design for a train wreck.

This module helps sales team members do appropriate prospect analysis and devise a longer term battle plan consistent with the selling cycle.

It both provides guidance to the other modules and draws on the other modules for input.

This module includes:

  1. analysis of the opportunity
  2. why the prospect is in search mode
  3. what are our challenges
  4. the decision-maker analysis
  5. what are the PIKs – the payments in kind – we seek to advance the process
  6. our sales plan and micro marketing plan
  7. our Pre-Mortem – trying to deeply understand the risk factors, from the prospect’s perspective

For a 1 minute video on the battle plan, please click on the image below.

An option for this module is the book of knowledge, which summarizes the customized standard sales call: