Sales Coaching & Consulting

Every company benefits from sales coaching.  A fresh approach brings inspiration to your sales team and innovative ideas which transform their work every day.  New material is taught and discussed in seminars.  In one-to-one coaching, we tailor the program to each salesperson’s needs and challenge the salesperson to step outside their comfort zone.  A unique option – joining sales team members on field sales calls and coaching changed behavior in the field – is especially effective when cold calling.  This two-step sequence – seminar instruction one week, followed by one-to-one coaching the next – leads to productive, lasting change.

Unleash your entrepreneurial sales team with coaching and consulting, based on the Urgency Based Selling® system.

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Business Audits

Assessing sales operations is a key component of your sales transformation process.  Bombadil’s top-down audits evaluate:

  • how key executives view the company’s sales efforts.
  • existing management methodologies.
  • the company’s current selling system.
  • sales team performance in the field.

This robust appraisal of your current sales processes and practices serves as the foundation – the action plan – for tailor-made, professional sales training your sales team will find indispensable.

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call_me_back_in_2_weeks-version2Sales Team Training

Small group coaching allows each member of your team to attack the individual challenges and practices that hold them back – and develop a revolutionary mindset that converts them into sales heroes.

An essential part of the sales transformation process is introducing or reinforcing the ethos of the heroic salesperson through team learning and peer pressure.  This is fortified by one-to-one coaching the week after sales team training.

Andy and the Urgency Based Selling® team of experts are your sales “wingmen.”  They’ll work with individual team members to:

  • observe and discern where change is needed.
  • teach new sales concepts and practices.
  • guide your salespeople as they put new knowledge and skills into practice.

After receiving individual coaching, you’ll see an unmistakable boost of confidence in your salespeople – and an astounding change in their performance.

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Used independently or as a complement to individual coaching, small-group sales and sales leadership training energizes your team, unifies salespeople and management, and centralizes your choice sales practices.  This is a highly-personalized solution which transforms your sales staff into finely-tuned army of sales warriors.

Position your team for a lifetime of joyful selling and success.

time_pacingSales Management Consulting

Creating a culture of sales excellence is required to develop an epic sales staff.  Give your sales team the inspired leadership they want and management structure they need.  Choose one-to-one coaching, sales leadership seminars, or a combination of both.  In doing so, you’ll  provide your management staff and executive leadership with the Urgency Based Selling® insights and guidance to lead your sales army.  Andy and the UBS expert team consult with executives and sales managers on (though not limited to):

  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Annual sales audits
  • Sales audits for acquisitions
  • Sales staff recruitment
  • Hiring salespeople

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Throughout the coaching and consulting process, your sales team will discover and clarify essential, company-centered selling principles they’ll want and need to use when they sell.  Harness their excitement and develop your Book of Business – a sales platform your team will rely on to achieve sales excellence.  Your Book of Business is created using Urgency Based Selling® concepts, and includes information about:

  • what you do
  • why prospects should seriously consider your product or service
  • why prospects should believe you

Seize this moment! Inspire your sales heroes and begin your Book of Business.  Contact Andy Gole today to get started.