The Urgency Based Selling® System

Urgency means action.  You can never close interest.  The Urgency Based Selling® System is designed to empower your sales team to create a sense of urgency – and close the sale.

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Exceeding the Selling Limit

Why You Need the Urgency Based Selling® System

If your company doesn’t sell, it dies.  Your sales team needs a sales and marketing strategy which gives them the knowledge, skills, and tools that make your product or service their clear choice – and maintain your company’s health and strength.

The Urgency Based Selling® System does just that, with a spectrum of customized services which trains your salespeople to sell successfully, and educates your management and executive staff to effectively lead and support sales operations.

Why Sales Training Fails

Sales training fails because salespeople are fighting their self-image: the way they see relationships between buyer and seller. Unless we change this self-image, it’s difficult for salespeople to be business developers. They don’t want to perform the necessary behavior.

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What Makes Urgency Based Selling® Different?  It’s the Values!

1. The Salesperson as Hero

Urgency Based Selling® creates a paradigm shift for sales teams.  It turns the traditional, negative perception of sales upside down; this system, created by sales expert Andy Gole,  proves to salespeople they are the heroes who ensure the continued well-being of their company.  Their bravery in the field, every day, brings sales.  Facing the unknown is what makes them brave. Once they recognize this, Urgency Based Selling® gives them new knowledge and practices which make the sales process more efficient and effective.  It’s a singular sales training experience that gives your sales team a competitive edge.

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2. Drawing on the Wisdom of the Ages

The Urgency Based Selling® program incorporates the wisdom of great thinkers, like Aristotle’s ideas regarding the flourishing life. These teachings make the program unique and powerful.

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How Does Urgency Based Selling® Work?

Urgency Based Selling®  is a customized approach to sales training for companies. Whether sales teams seek a refresher course in best practices and some new ideas, or your sales force needs a completely different approach to selling, this system provides the services and solutions you need to achieve epic sales results, guided by experts in the sales industry.

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Urgency Based Selling® is tailored to meet your company’s needs and goals, and is comprised of a variety of different solutions including:

Empower your sales team.  Start today on your quest for epic sales results. Learn more about designing an Urgency Based Selling® for your company now.