Speaking Engagements

For a breathtaking seminar – for a sales team tune-up or sales force transformation – call on Andy and the Urgency Based Selling® experts to charge up your salespeople with content-rich, engaging speaking events that deliver fresh ideas and powerful concepts they can use today.

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Keynote Talks

Your trade show or conference needs a sensational keynote address. This cornerstone talk establishes the core message, tone, and agenda for the event.  Your trade show or conference needs a charismatic, nationally-respected keynote speaker to captivate and electrify your audience.  Andy Gole does just that, launching your event and making it an experience attendees will remember – and find extremely valuable – for years to come.

Bring the Urgency Based Selling® program to your next trade show or conference.

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Group Seminars

Group learning experiences reinforce sales concepts and skills being taught, and engender a collaborative, unified feeling amongst colleagues.  Simply put, events like seminars and informative talks contribute to a more productive, innovative, and motivated sales force.

Schedule a signature talk by Andy Gole for your next group event, including (but not limited to):

  • Management functions
  • Sales & professional groups
  • Company retreats

Classic or Custom, Your Choice

Whether you select one of Andy’s classic sales seminars or request a made-to-order talk or seminar on a specific topic or concept, Andy Gole delivers premier speaking events that help sales teams achieve exponential improvement by transforming their sales efforts, teaching practical selling skills, and inspiring your salespeople.

Contact Andy today to design the perfect talk or seminar for your group.