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Urgency Based Selling® is a professional sales training system designed to generate outstanding sales results.  Support your salespeople with tools which complement their newfound Urgency Based Selling® skills.  Andy Gole and his expert team will work with you to develop a sales tool kit containing branded,  custom-designed materials for each step in your customer’s decision-making process.

Sell Sheets & Sales Tools

When they do real business development, salespeople are psychologically at risk. With each and every prospect interaction, they face rejection, bias, a closed mindset, ignorance, and more.  Since most salespeople are social sellers, it’s difficult for them to use provocative language which inspires action; if their product is less tangible, it’s a challenge to make a conceptual sale.  Sales heroes rely on their company for selling tools. With “splashes” from Urgency Based Selling® (some might call them sell sheets), your company provides its sales team with the tools needed to overcome those challenges.  With this sales collateral, the strong visual metaphors assist the prospect in understanding the ideas quickly and help the salesperson to be both provocative and conceptual at the same time.

For a brief video about our proving kit, please click here.

Create materials which make it easy for customers to understand and buy your product or service.

Proving Kit Development

View the Urgency Based Selling® Proving Kit.

The proving kit is a vital tool in your sales hero’s arsenal. It’s the armor which helps them take the “splash” sheets to the next level, once they have the prospect’s attention.  Your branded proving kit provides a polished, professional, engaging venue to provide more details: your company’s value proposition, important product information, and customer testimonials which prove why your company should be their choice.  Perhaps, most importantly, the proving kit helps the prospect reduce perceived risk in buying from you.  By the time your prospect is finished reviewing the proving kit, there’s no question in their mind: they’re buying from you.

Show prospects you’re the only choice.  Build a proving kit that sells.

Email Marketing Campaigns

According to Marketing Sherpa, customers prefer to receive business communication via email.  It’s essential to utilize email marketing as a primary channel to develop new leads and drive sales.  A successful email marketing campaign is comprised of several components, including:

  • email campaign strategy
  • user experience
  • design & content
  • personalization
  • email list segmentation
  • email automation
  • analytics, testing & refinement

Increase lead generation. Connect with your audience using a custom e-mail campaign.

Video Testimonials

Using customer testimonials is one of the most effective content marketing strategies in useHubspot found that consumers who viewed a video about a product or service are almost twice as likely to purchase it than those who didn’t see the video.  This makes video testimonials a powerful way to provide important insights to your customers and build credibility for your company.  Video can be embedded on your website, shared on social media, or conveyed via email campaigns.  It may also be utilized during sales calls and presentations.  Relevant video testimonials enhance your visibility online, and more importantly, deepen the sense of trust and connection customers have with your brand.

Build credibility and trust.  Establish your library of video testimonials.

Brand Design and Development

Your company’s brand is the company personality expressed in the marketplace.  It must demonstrate a clear value proposition which resonates with your customers visually, in print, or during conversation.  It’s a consistent identity which instills pride in your salespeople and confidence in your customers.  It’s the foundation for all of your sales and marketing efforts.

Get noticed! Develop your company brand.  It’s a sales essential.