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Urgency Based Selling

Opening Opportunity

In most B2B businesses, the most challenging aspect of selling is: opening an opportunity. This is particularly so in businesses that aren’t well established brand names. The sales force is often the “advertising”.

In this module we focus on the activities which secure enough appointments to open the needed opportunities. 

Content include:

  1. Phone and in person cold call scripts  
  2. Dealing with resistance
  3. Scripts for securing introductions
  4. Techniques for securing testimonials
  5. The accountability grid – with self evaluation

Role plays are featured in both seminars and one to one coaching.

It is essential that the salesperson both have a strong belief in the offering and care about the prospect’s welfare – to overcome the resistance we usually face.

Salespeople generally need to be more assertive in this part of the sales process, as show in the video below: