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Urgency Based Selling

Managing the opportunity, closing

Once you have discovered the closing conditions, you know if your solution is a fit for the prospect.

If it is a fit, your next challenge is to help the prospect see that it’s a fit and act on the proposed solution.

In this module we focus on:

  1. demonstrating we meet the closing conditions
  2. making sure all decision-makers are satisfied our proposal is a fit for the organization
  3. moving the decision process forward – touching all bases, which could include: reference checks,  demonstrations, site visits, getting set up as a vendor and credit application
  4. addressing concerns, reasons to hesitate

We have a unique 4 step proving process to facilitate the process.

Once there is agreement our solution is a fit, we move the process forward, step by step, to the close.

Deliverables include a 1 pager for establishing an internal consensus within the prospect’s organization.

For a 1 minute overview of the standard sales call, including proving and closing,  please click on the image below.


A strong tool for this module is the proving kit. For a 1 minute video, please click on the image below.