Test Your Selling Strength!

How your sales team responds to these stories tests your team's selling strength!   A "Do or Die" Story  - is your sales team "best efforts" or "do or die;?…

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Why We Need a Sales Battle Plan

As a society, we aren't great project managers. Yet business development is typically a 3-12 month project. When you match a long term project with limited project management skills, you have a…

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Urgency Based Insights

Are you Training the Right Salespeople? (0:55) Getting Civilized: Rocky (1:26) Heroic Selling: Facing the Unknown (1:36) If You Use Your Best Efforts, You’ll Fail 100% of the Time (1:11) &…

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The Lighter Side

Balanced Sales Presentation - with Magic! (2:46) Andy Gole: Mr. Miyagi of Sales Training (3:54) If Sales Increase 20% Over a 4-Month Period… (1:19)

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