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Urgency Based Selling Not Enough First Appointments? Combine Strong Selling With Content Marketing

June 3, 2018

Many of us embrace content marketing, providing knowledge to improve prospects’ well-being and demonstrate our expertise and mastery. Unfortunately, all too many content readers are content consumers only. They don’t want to be prospects, they don’t want to be sold to. They appreciate your agreeing to be an “unpaid consultant.” You know they are content consumers […]

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Secure More First Meetings

May 7, 2018

Are you getting enough first sales meetings? Learn practical techniques to open more doors, including:   Bold vision, bold behavior Special, practical techniques which generate a response Addressing prospect risk aversion.   We need special approaches since typically no more than 5-20% of prospects in most markets are in search mode – looking for a […]

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Breaking the Sales Pigeonhole – in Renaissance Executive Forum

May 1, 2018

The magic moment of access is: when meet the client’s need, the client confirms they are happy and have no other needs. This is the magic moment of access, when we might just “break the pigeon-hole”. To learn more, please click here.    

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The Bag is Empty – When you need a new training/consulting product

April 24, 2018

Your clients love you. You need a new product offering. Urgency Based Selling complements your current practice. Learn how to deliver Urgency Based Selling.

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For 7 Sales Accelerators

March 20, 2018

For a read-only power point on 7 sales accelerators, please click here:  

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Pulling Up the Failing Salesperson – on Sales POP!

March 13, 2018

Pulling Up the Failing Salesperson – on Sales POP!   There are 4 phases to sales management evolution: 1) Chaos – no management 2) Primitive management – some reporting, some standards, often optional; Gallup poll management, every salesperson is unique, cater to the salesperson; no one fired. Take all orders, even (and sometimes especially) the unprofitable ones. […]

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When a Salesperson is Failing – The Entrepreneurial Sales Manager’s Job

March 3, 2018

When a salesperson is failing – the entrepreneurial sales manager’s job       There are 4 phases to sales management evolution:   Chaos – no management   Primitive management – some reporting, some standards, often optional. There is Gallup poll management, every salesperson is unique, cater to the salesperson; no one is fired. Take all […]

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Break the pigeon hole

February 25, 2018

Why do customers buy product A, but not service B? Why do they pigeon hole us? We need a breakthrough move – bold vision, bold behavior and proving to the skeptic. To read the essay, please click here. For an example, please click below: To see the result, please click here.  

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January 28, 2018

Most business systems are geared to generate incremental change – continuous improvement – necessitated by the replicability built into corporate DNA. At times, incremental change isn’t enough. How do we know when it’s time for a sales paradigm shift? Look for anomalies. In particular, not enough 1st sales meetings. We have become too civilized, as […]

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Taste of Urgency Based Selling

January 25, 2018

For a taste of Urgency Based Selling, please call us at 201 415 3447. Tailored to your needs, a 2-3 hour interactive seminar, which includes coaching sales team members to: Recognize the growth crisis – not enough new first meetings Embrace the leadership/ownership mindset, a “do or die” perspective. The Power of Bold Vision, Bold […]

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An Introduction to Urgency Based Selling

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