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Urgency Based Selling

12/17 free webinar – Customer Wow’s – the 2 edged Sword. What’s in your WOW Tool box?

November 28, 2018

Free 30 minute Webinar, 12/17, 11 am:   To register, please click here:   How many WOW’s do you collect in a typical sales call? What do you harvest with the WOW’s. If you aren’t collecting WOW’s, your sales calls probably aren’t strong enough. If you are collecting WOW’s, what do you harvest with […]

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For Life Altering Sales Wisdom – free 30 minute webinar, 11/27

November 24, 2018

  10 Innovative Ideas to Open New Customers For Life Altering Sales Wisdom – free 30 minute webinar, 11/27, 11 am – 30 minutes Free webinar on 11/27, based on my new book – Innovate Now. I will offer life altering Type 3 sales wisdom – what you didn’t realize you didn’t know. You […]

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See us at NYXPO – Booth 208 – November 7th – Javits Center

October 10, 2017

Please visit us at the NY XPO, as our guest. For a free premium pass, please click here.  

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An Introduction to Urgency Based Selling

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