Pulling Up the Failing Salesperson – on Sales POP!

Pulling Up the Failing Salesperson – on Sales POP!


There are 4 phases to sales management evolution:

1) Chaos – no management

2) Primitive management – some reporting, some standards, often optional; Gallup poll management, every salesperson is unique, cater to the salesperson; no one fired. Take all orders, even (and sometimes especially) the unprofitable ones.

3) Strong management – consistent, fair, appropriate standards are established and required. Toxic salespeople are fired. Opportunity is managed for profitability.

Experience shows it isn’t easy to find a Phase 3 sales manager – in effect, someone who acts like a business person, part CFO, part owner. When business owners find a Phase 3 sales manager, they are so relieved, they often truncate the search for improvement. And never reach Phase 4.

4) Sales management is capable of effecting change. Whereas the Phase 3 sales manager can tell the salesperson he/she isn’t performing and make the firing decision after a reasonable time, the Phase 4 sales manager can help save the non-performing salesperson.

What can the Phase 4 sales manager do to help the failing salesperson?

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