Urgency Based Selling

One Selling Tip a Day, for a week

July 23, 2017

For a selling tip a day, one week of Urgency Based Selling, please click here to signup: Each email will feature a brief video.

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The Entrepreneurial Sales Manager- Sales Chat with Pipeliner CRM

July 20, 2017

Join SalesChats hosts John Golden and Martha Neumeister for a fast paced discussion on the topic of the entrepreneurial sales manager with sales expert  Andy Gole.  

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Is Your Proving Kit Strong Enough for Business Development?

June 28, 2017

Opening new customers is challenging!   The incumbent supplier wants to protect their business. And usually, the prospects wants to avoid change. Are you arming your sales team with a powerful proving kit, to overcome skepticism and risk aversion? To learn what you should include in your proving kit, please click below.       […]

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Why We Need a Sales Battle Plan

May 30, 2017

As a society, we aren’t great project managers. Yet business development is typically a 3-12 month project. When you match a long term project with limited project management skills, you have a train wreck. This is why we need a battle plan.

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How Urgency Based Selling Is Different – in 90 seconds

May 19, 2017

Urgency Based Selling differs from other methods in employing the hero culture, the selling tools, the focus on addressing skepticism and risk aversion and of course, the method.  

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Welcome to Urgency Based Selling

December 21, 2016

Introduction to Urgency Based Selling (Keynote Video, 7:30)

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Sales Essentials: Why, How & Where

December 12, 2016

Why You Need an Urgency Based Selling System (3:20) Why You Need the Entrepreneurial Sales Manager (3:27) Why Your Salespeople are Heroes (1:50) Why Sales Training Fails (1:42) Why Didn’t They Buy? They didn’t believe you. (0:55) How to Make the Sales Less Risky for Your Customers (3:31) Where are the Great Salespeople? (1:10)

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Urgency Based Insights

December 11, 2016

Are you Training the Right Salespeople? (0:55) Getting Civilized: Rocky (1:26) Heroic Selling: Facing the Unknown (1:36) If You Use Your Best Efforts, You’ll Fail 100% of the Time (1:11) Increase Sales: Understanding the Reversal Curve (1:09) Selling and Aristotle (1:30) Theory of the Glasses (0:48) The Sunny Day Used Car (2:06) The Three Fatal […]

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The Lighter Side

December 10, 2016

Balanced Sales Presentation – with Magic! (2:46) Andy Gole: Mr. Miyagi of Sales Training (3:54) If Sales Increase 20% Over a 4-Month Period… (1:19)

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An Introduction to Urgency Based Selling

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